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And the Sky Was Made of Amethyst

“I’ve always presented as very tough and been fine with that. I’ve had to be tough. But in terms of my own psychic space, I’m not. I’m so dainty, I think. That’s why I got sick. And why I’m getting well. I’m owning my frail”
— Courtney Love, Singer, Songwriter, Artist


Ārka, among other things, means lightning, a ray of light. In the midst of the dark winter lockdowns of 2020, director and artist Leila Bartell and photographer, writer and model Laura Bailey conceived and created a story about transcending limitations. The duo sat down with Violet to talk about… Read More

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The Messenger

On the occasion of the re-release of her third novel 'Torpor', Stephanie LaCava talks to Chris Kraus about new work (her upcoming biography of Kathy Acker), old work (the two decades old 'I Love…   Read more
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Helena Christensen’s photographs of her mother’s homeland, Peru, strike unexpectedly. The assault of colours, the dizzying otherness of the landscape—there is a beauty and bleakness that’s staggering…   Read more