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Stories, Weekly Interviews, things to see and footnotes.
Stories, Weekly Interviews, things to see and footnotes.


November 8, 2018

GANNI collaborates with Emma Rosenzweig on film project

Emma Rosenzweig, the face of GANNI'S forthcoming pre-spring 2019 collection, is also the woman behind the lens of its new three-part campaign film.

Olivia Gagan

Author Olivia Gagan

Courtesy of Emma Rosenzweig/GANNI
Courtesy of Emma Rosenzweig/GANNI
Courtesy of Emma Rosenzweig/GANNI

In Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Rosenzweig investigates our relationship with time – and our clothing – through three different films edited into one. Each one by turn examines “our nostalgic bonds to the past, living in the moment and the uncertainty of the future.”

The Danish model and artist is well-versed in filmmaking – she runs ‘The Blue Hour’, a film club for artists to work with Super 8 film at palace-cum-contemporary art museum Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. She also hosts an art salon for women in the city, and is friends with GANNI creative director Ditte Reffstrup, which is how this particular project came about. 

Shot on fuzzy, warm analogue film, the film features three distinct parts: in ‘Yesterday’ a boy seeks something in a dimly-lit forest. ‘Today’ sees a woman ponder love, time, aging, childhood and womanhood. ‘Tomorrow’ uses dance to explore the future. 

Clothes feature heavily throughout the stories about the past and the present – the characters are discarding them, luxuriating in them, considering them, hugging them, casting them off, clinging to them like a blanket. But in ‘Tomorrow’, the final story, it seems there's less of them – and the dancers have a calmer, more considered approach to what they’re wearing.

“I have made three stories that in each way show people’s connection to clothes,” Rosenzweig says. “Clothes are a huge part of who we are and how people perceive and treat us. In the Western world, they’re also in excess.” 

When it came to costuming, Emma plundered the GANNI archives as well as featuring its latest pre-spring 2019 pieces. “The idea of using both new and old collections comes from a need to get rid of the concept that clothes should always be new. It’s a tribute to the clothes that are worn over and over,” she says. “There’s hardly anything more beautiful than love-worn clothes that have gone through so much that they take the shape of the wearer.” 

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow will launch on 7th November on You can also watch it on YouTube here